Computer & Internet Security

Companies lose millions of dollars every year due to data theft, computer fraud, data loss, viruses and trojan horses.
Many of these problems could have been prevented if the computer security within the companies would have been up-to-date.

computer securityDo you think your company is not at risk, think again! Are your computers protected by up-to-date ant-virus software? Do you have a firewall installed. What about Spyware protection? Do you have a backup system for the vital data of your company? Do you control access to sensible data?

SiriuS computer & network Service can help you secure your valuable data!


We take care of the installation and updating of security software such as anti-virus and anti-spyware programs and firewalls. We also make sure that those programs stay up-to-date with the latest definition files.

We make sure your network is safe and not accessible for non-authorized persons. We can help you setup an access system which allows employees only access to those files they really need for their work.


We can setup a backup system which will backup your data automatically on regular intervals. We also offer off-site backup service, where backups are made and stored at a secure location out of your office. We have the right solution for you!